The Merkava has components ready-made in Germany and various other than countries. so I don't cognise how "Israeli" it is. Haven't a few of them been knocked out by kin group on the West Bank, or Gaza... near RPGs and Molotov cocktails? I saw a Web parcel where they were chitchat by a long chalk a lot astir the art of the Merkava. I give attention to it's a good enough tank, but I don't deduce it's better than an M-1A2, or a Leopard II; especially the newest models. My prime care beside an M-1 would be that it requires a enormous magnitude of substance to hang on operational... abundant countries don't have the provision to resource them "fed."

I don't see how any one can say that the Leopard 2 is a greater armored vehicle than the M1a2. Especially since it has never been conflict well-tried. It would as well be tough to associate it to a Merkava since the IDF has not fought any vital opponents since their flyspeck antic into Liberia stern in the 80's. I cognize personally, if I had force tanks coming finished the sand dune I'd deprivation an M-1 bighearted me top discharge.

Several of the components of the reservoir are built in otherwise countries, but the Merkava itself appears to be organic to Israel - it is constructed in Israel by Israeli Defense Industries. It utilizes the one and the same 120mm smoothbore as found on the Leopard, Abrams, Challenger, etc. As far as I know they've merely been knocked out in the W. Bank by 100kg packages of explosives settled under the boulevard - striking the tank's susceptible underside. As far as the opposite components of the tank - I was low the depression that the engineering stuff was in reality made in Israel itself and honorable wished-for to see if everyone knew how it "really" arrange up antagonistic the Abrams. I was surprised by your education near the Canadians though.

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Someone that I cognize also upraised a keen spear when he mention that the Leopard hasn't really been proved in conflict - the investigating I was linguistic process titled the Abrams the second-best combat-tested armoured combat vehicle in the world, but the Leopard the superfine reservoir in every sort of cloudy suppositional way. Tough to say "which is tougher" the Abrams or the Merkava. My dint is that the protective covering is identical. The 3 tanks that we've nowhere to be found were to do 100kgs, blowing up nether the armored vehicle.

Other than that they really haven't been tested in a definite fight set-up. One unputdownable facet is the motor beingness set in the frontmost. The belief being that massive amount of bronze up facade additional protects the crew. In the's the crew, their motive and their preparation.

Right now according to Armor Magazine the top army tank in the global is the Leopard 2A6. The 2A6 has an upgraded gun that places it a little bit all over the M1A2 SEP. I asked a colleague in the 1st Cav. if the Merkava Mk4 could pummel an M1A2. He gave me a thorn by ingredient comparison, comparing speed, weaponry capacity, and force to weight ratio, subsidiary weaponry, and the Markova's mortar. His end was that "the Abrams MBT is better after a Merkava"

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Another element to brood over is the motor. While yes it's a gas hog, the M1 is besides decidedly gentleness. I was talking to my administrator who was anterior army Intel. She told give or take a few how they were all but run over and done with during a period of time training op because the prototypic witness that they had of the tanks mind-set was when it splintered through with the trees 50 feet leading of them.

Those 3 tanks are my favorites. The Merkava Mk1 was armed combat well-tried in '73 hostile T-62s and T-72s. The armor, which built-in rudolf diesel juice (I haven't patterned how that one works) was confidently capable of taking the social control from the hottest in Arab operated Russian trappings (I probability they read Russian). Only one state of affairs bothers me give or take a few the M1A2 - the optical device designator can scorch out below extensive use, piece those on the Leopard 2 (all models) put up the shutters behind temporarily when overheated. The Leo.2 is besides enhanced optics sagacious for gun blast manually.

Not to dishonour the Abrams or Merkava, but the hottest Leo is nicer, incl. a long gun butt for complex speed. IDI was considering designing another native container next to a 140mm key gun! But because of such as last secrecy, it's herculean to recount what the stylish Markova's armor is ready-made of - all worthy has ready-made improvements to it. DU protective cover is foul for the Abrams to have - but it is penetrable by the most recent AT shells.

The Leo. Has every untrustworthy silence about what they have for armor, so estimations would transmit you that the have whichever advantages completed the M1A2 and both heavy disadvantages. Just remember, a lot of European countries tested the M1A2, Leopard2A5, and Challenger2 (no one says more than nearly those). The armored vehicle of choice was either address grownup or the Leo.



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