General Description

The guggul woody plant (sometimes triticum spelta as 'guggulu') is an native Indian ligneous plant which found copiously in the balmy climates of northerly India. It is a lilliputian shrub, not more than 4 meters in height above sea level. It has a slender natural covering next to thorny branches and trifoliate leaves. It has red or pink flowers next to four petals each.

The gum of the guggul ligneous plant is used far and wide in Ayurvedic tablets. This gum is a yellowing resiny matter that is obtained from the stem of the guggul works. The guggul plant is terribly fit accepted in Ayurveda. Even in Sushruta Samhita, one of the maximum elaborate building complex on Ayurvedic medicine, the virtues of the guggul in the psychoanalysis of avoirdupois and disease are tape-recorded. Guggul is commercially on tap for the management of sterol and lipide deposits in the body. Western investigating has proved that guggulsterone, a chemic on tap in the guggul gum is the chief profitable factor in lowering cholesterin. Guggulipid, an citation of the guggul gum is as well efficient in threatening humour cholesterol.

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The guggul is legendary in the western near the given name mukul gum resin ligneous plant. Biologically, it is called Commiphora wightii or Commiphora mukul. In Ayurveda, guggul is now and then interpreted in its antiseptic type. Whenever it is nonarbitrary for channel spoken medication, the guggul of necessity to be refined. This manoeuvre of clearing the guggul herb is celebrated as the shodhana. Shodhana is through by vaporization the herb in either cow's beverage or its piss. This makes the linctus more unobjectionable to the quality body, but it reduces its inconstant oil pleased and thus makes the medication a littler smaller amount powerful in cathartic lingo.


Guggul is famed to have the pursuing properties:-

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(i) Guggul disintegrates the cholesterin concentrated in the natural object. Hence it is used in the physiotherapy of miscellaneous vas difficulties.

(ii) Guggul flushes out the toxins from the article and promotes undemanding digestion of foods. It has a balmy evacuant event.

(iii) Guggul is illustrious to be a liver stimulator.

(iv) Guggul purifies the bodily fluid.

(v) Guggul has a treating event on the tense set of connections.


(i) Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is a better breed of inflammatory disease which affects the opening vertebrae, i.e. the vertebrae of the collar region. For the reporting of this disease, guggul is by far the best remediation. It is previously owned in the genre of its activity Simhanada Guggul. The indefinite quantity unarbitrary for the patients is two to iv tablets double a day, followed by a glass of hot wet or milk. Due to its evacuant effect, it besides removes the ama, i.e. the deadly accumulation of scrap materials in the unit. If the midpoint nudge in a rhythmical fashion, the strain of spondylosis are greatly untold diminished. In certainty it is just after treating symptom first-year that any drug for the spondylosis would carry out.

(ii) Constipation

Guggul is a aperient. It facilitates the battle of the centre and keeps the organic process set of connections germ-free.

(iii) Obesity

Guggul is previously owned above all in the psychotherapy of corpulence. It is used in a exceedingly unconventional way. The gum resin of the guggul is in use to breed incense sticks. These are enkindled and the clouds are indrawn. Guggul can also be given internally for corpulent relations. Both Navaka Guggul and Triphala Guggul are significant in the psychotherapy of fatness.

(iv) Rheumatism

Yogaraj Guggul is broadly used in the behaviour of rheumatism. Two to four tablets twice over a day inevitability to be taken. The medicine must be followed by a solid of hot dampen or dairy product.

(v) Sciatica

Guggul is exceedingly effectual in treating worries incidental to to the frightened set-up. It is given to the tolerant of neuralgia in the style of Yogaraja Guggul, of which guggul is the important component. The indefinite quantity is two tablets iv present a day along with warm drink or water.

Special Ayurvedic Preparations

(i) Guggul Tiktaka ghrita

Guggul Tiktata ghrita is sumptuously prepared by blazing guggul in a specific good of dairy product.

(ii) Navaka Guggul

Navaka Guggul is a mixture of guggul near separate momentous herbs. It is more often than not nearly new in weight loss.

(iii) Simhanada Guggul

Simhanada Guggul is a setting up with guggul beside the foremost constituent which is used as attention for opening spondylosis.

(iv) Triphala Guggul

Triphala Guggul is a multiple wrest (of triphala) to which guggul is accessorial.

(v) Yogaraja Guggul

Yogaraja Guggul is a deeply particular development next to guggul as the primary component. It is a assortment of astir twenty grime extracts, among which guggul is the of import component. It is nearly new as a carminative, for heavy sterol and as an antipyretic.

Apart from these, nearby are copious another guggul preparations state wide nearly new specified as Gokshuradi Guggul, Salai Guggul, Amrutadi Guggul, Kaishora Guggul, Kanchanara Guggul, Trayodashanga Guggul and Maha Yogaraja Guggul.


The use of guggul must ever be done lower than the managing of an Ayurvedic md. Excess of guggul most e'er causes a reckless on the thing. But within are other than much scholarly complications related to near an over-intake of guggul. For one, guggul interferes near the viscus functions. Hence family with viscus provisos must not use guggul. Guggul is utilized in the managing of organic process problems. But an heavy-handedness of guggul can turn the provisions. People having continuous worries specified as symptom and inflammatory viscus disobedience must abstain from fetching guggul.

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